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Election Tabulation & Inspector of Election Services

Election Tabulation & Inspector of Election Services

“This is our second year using Altman, Rogers & Co. for our annual meeting. Altman, Rogers & Co. staff worked seamlessly with our staff on our election & tabulation needs. They make themselves available throughout the whole planning process of the annual meeting and we can call upon them with any questions we may have.”

Eileen Ewan, Shareholder Services Manager
Ahtna, Inc.

“As an ANCSA Village Corporation, NNAI expects the upmost professionalism and accuracy when electing its Board of Directors. Altman, Rogers & Co. has been our Election Judge for over 6 years. They have never failed to deliver fair, impartial and precise election results. This year, for our 2018 Election, they were paramount in our initiation of an Electronic Proxy Solicitation for our Shareholders. We greatly appreciate Altman, Rogers & Co. for their services and the contribution that they offer to our Annual Meeting Team.”

Caitie Rowe, Operations Admin
Ninilchik Natives Association, Inc.

“TDX Corporation was very pleased with the thorough communications, efficiencies, and follow up Altman, Rogers & Co. provided in preparation and throughout the 2018 Annual Shareholders Meeting elections process. Not only do they have extensive election experience working in rural communities, but they made themselves available on a moment’s notice with travel changes due to inclement weather. Altman, Rogers & Co. is dependable and professional!”

Constance Bergo, Secretary/ Treasurer
TDX Corporation

“It was a painless and very seamless process…especially during these unprecedented times. We look forward to working with them [Altman, Rogers & Co.] in the future.”

Melissa Kookesh, Board Chair
Kootznoowoo, Inc.

Hiring an Independent Inspector of Elections is Crucial to Your Organization

Independence is crucial when providing election services. The Inspector of Elections, independent from both the client and shareholders, delivers unbiased results and is not influenced by related parties. This ensures that all candidates receive equal treatment, and it reduces the risk to the organization. Trust is paramount in elections, and trust is a word that Altman, Rogers & Co. has built its reputation on for over a quarter of a century. Our election services deliver the trust you need to have a fair election.

Election Preparation & Processing

Altman, Rogers & Co. has over thirty years of experience in providing full service Inspector of Election services for clients. Our range of services include database management, consultation and referral to third-party software developer, validating proxies and ballots, providing quorum, tabulating votes at annual shareholder meetings, and reporting and certifying election results. All services are provided in compliance with each organization’s by-laws, election rules, and State of Alaska laws. Clients receive customized “a la carte” services tailored to their organizational needs, or they can have Altman, Rogers & Co. manage the complete election process.

The inability to have in-person annual shareholder meetings has become prevalent in recent times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether it’s because of the pandemic or because your organization is ready to move to a more tech-savvy way of voting, Altman, Rogers & Co. has you covered!

Virtual/ Online Voting Advantages

  • Quorum easily reached
  • On-demand reports for administrators
  • Individuals can access their voting record
  • Positive shareholder feedback
  • Reduced costs
  • Easy to get started!

Before you move to online voting, make sure to check your by-laws and election rules!

Vote red keyboard button

Altman, Rogers & Company provides your organization the experience and independent representation needed for an impartial, successful election. As Alaska’s premier provider of comprehensive election services, we guarantee efficiency, accuracy, integrity, and security. Our background includes serving as an expert Election Inspector for several state-wide private corporations, associations and many Alaska Native Corporations.

We follow State of Alaska laws and your organization’s Corporate By-Laws and election rules when serving as a certified Inspector of Election. In addition, each Inspector of Elections is required to swear and execute an oath to “faithfully execute the duties of Inspector of Election with strict impartiality and to the best of their abilities.”

We offer a wide range of services to manage every stage of your election from start to finish. You can select our full election services below, or custom select the services that meet your organization’s specific needs.

  • Customized, in-house design of nomination mailing and election package
  • In-house mailing services (printing, assembly, prepaid postage)
  • Provide notification of elections
  • Thorough review of governing documents and bylaws
  • Interpret ballot requirements
  • Receive, register, and securely hold all returned proxies and ballots
  • Database management and design
  • In-office help desk to assist with the election process (voting, replacement of election materials, questions, etc.)
  • Attend meeting to conduct the election process, including tabulation and reporting of results
  • On-site ballot box
  • Provide after-meeting summary and election report

Customize your election process with any of the additional services below:

  • Business reply mail (BRM) return envelopes
  • Unsigned ballot solution
  • Provide either tabulator, election official, or both
  • Additional inspectors
  • Paperless storage of proxies and ballots after annual meeting
  • Customizable voting service- mail-in, fax, email, online or any combination of the four
  • Alaska Native Corporations
  • Utility Companies
  • Credit Unions
  • Homeowners Associations
  • Other

Elections Team

Steve Wadleigh Anchorage accountants Altman Rogers & Company - photo

Steve Wadleigh, Election Principal

Mr. Wadleigh is a licensed CPA by the State of Alaska (Certificate #2768). Mr. Wadleigh is an Audit Principal in our Anchorage office responsible for overseeing election and tabulation services. He joined Altman, Rogers & Co. in October 1998. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. Steve graduated with honors from Vanguard University, California in 1996.

Mr. Wadleigh has twenty-two (22) years of experience working with Associations and Alaska Native Corporations providing independent full-service election services. He delivers reliable, user-friendly, and secure voting that meets and exceeds the needs of clients, and provides planning services that accommodate any organization with needs for an independent election inspector. Mr. Wadleigh offers the customized election services that small firms are unable to perform and the flexibility and customer service that larger firms are unwilling to provide.

Luci Malloy, accountant in Alaska with Altman Rogers & Co

Luci Malloy, Election Official

Ms. Malloy joined Altman, Rogers & Co. in April 2020. Ms. Malloy is responsible for providing full-service election and tabulation services which includes: database management and design, collection/ validation of proxies and ballots, organization by-law compliance, and serving as independent inspector of elections at annual shareholder meetings. Her clients include Associations and Alaska Native Corporations.

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